They want me to add a catchy title ...

Now what exactly is a catchy title? As far as I'm concerned this is highly dependent on the audience one is publishing for - so far so obvious.

Now how would this work for a newbie - or in other words how can I guestimate what my audience will be and what they are interested in (without throwing them off with an initial post, that is required to indicatively figure out what your audience will be) - kind of a chicken and egg problem!

Well then let's figure out what my target audience is - before I do that, I'd like to add that I do not tend to overrate myself - usually I experience that I'm too critical with my own work compared to the feedback I get from others:

As far as I would see the images on this page I'd rate them technically in pretty good quality - exposure as well as colors and image content draw the attention of spectators.

The shown content is built around pets, products, landscape/travel and some niches, where it is at this stage not clear for the visitor what my real focus area is - despite of good to very good images in all of the areas.

Now this is a serious problem - as a professional one needs to make it easy for their potential customers to pigeonhole the service provider.

This has a number of implications - for one a professional needs to limit himself to certain areas within his profession, which is not a bad thing at all as it leads to improved quality.

Just in case a professional really wants to address multiple topics - as an example I'd use a photographer covering different areas ...

Let's assume one does do Portraitphotography - great!!

How about portraits of pets? Is this still part of it as the principle is very similar even if the technical requirements are quite different.

Another assumption - pet portraits fall into the same category as human portraits.

Do we draw a line between moving humans and moving pets - e.g. dogs?

Or do we rather see action photography as an own discipline regardless of the subject?

I very much understand the "requirement" to identify specific areas that one wants to do business in. But!!! it is not up to individual photographers to define where the boundaries of others lie.

Back to the question about the target audience - that's a tricky one - on one side it is people that like to see my pictures, on the other hand I'd like to attract businesses, that actually allow me to continue my work.

Being realistic the way I've set up my site today is not at all business oriented, which would be required to continue this photographic activity long term.

Considering this article as therapeutic work for myself, I'd say watch out for changes on this page!